Doughty Coaching ‘Change your thinking, change your life.’ 

Doughty Coaching ‘Change your thinking, change your life.’ 

Personal development and mindset coaching for entrepreneurs and dreamers.   

As an established Personal Development Mentor and Mindset Business Coach, I help entrepreneurs change the way they think to improve their performance, their results, and to transform their lives. Based in Chichester, Sussex, working globally. 

A life without limits 

You can have whatever you want 
If … you really want it 
And … believe it’s possible 

The keys to success are: 

Your desire, belief and the image you hold of yourself 
You will never receive what you do not desire 
You cannot achieve more than your Self Image permits 
You cannot go beyond your self-limiting beliefs 

If you are not living the life you truly want 

Or find yourself stuck in an endless cycle of repeat patterns 
You can change that. You can transform your life. Because the only thing holding you back from the life you want, is You 
When you change the way you think, you can change the life you live 
Your future is shaped today, by how you think. If you want to change your life, and achieve your dreams 

There is a way 

That way is by:  
‘Thinking Into Results’ 
And learning how to reprogramme your Mind for success 

I can show you how 

If you want to learn how to take control of your life, achieve your goals and live your dreams; to understand how all of that is possible by developing your mind, then … 
I invite you to begin that journey now, by reaching out and having a conversation with me about how you can move your life forward and achieve the things that matter most to you. 

The next phase of your life journey  

Areas I specialise in include:   

Personal Development Programmes 

Our ‘Thinking Into Results' programme shows you how to use your powerful mental faculties to re-progamme your negative beliefs, ineffective habits and debilitating doubts 

Performance Coaching 

Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly accountability coaching to help you move forward with purpose to achieve your goals. This is intense coaching for entrepreneurs with big goals 

Leadership Workshops 

A one-day workshop to help you understand the qualities of an effective leader and how to establish the right attitude and gain new awareness of what’s possible with the right goals 

Our clients include:   

“As a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and experienced CBT therapist, I ‘know’ that it’s possible to challenge self-limiting beliefs. I also ‘know’ that it’s possible to achieve goals. However, I’d spent the last few years of my life settling for a job which wasn’t satisfying, fulfilling or challenging. I’d fallen into habits which weren’t good for my mental and physical wellbeing. I finally accepted that all the time I was spending thinking, talking, reading, planning and strategizing, were never going to produce a result. I decided I had to take action and I contacted Stuart. This decision was one of the best decisions I have ever made. 
It was clear from the outset, that Stuart is a ‘know how’ expert. He has an intimate understanding of how the mind works and is a highly competent and knowledgeable consultant. His belief in me and his desire to help me achieve my goals were evident throughout our work together. He skilfully kept me on track, supporting me, guiding me and when needed, challenging any unhelpful beliefs/paradigms that were likely to sabotage my goals . The results of this approach are evidenced in the changes that I’ve made over the last 6 months - In spite of the pandemic, I have left my job and set-up my own business which is growing week by week. 
On a personal level, I am enjoying better health, increased wealth and closer connections with family and friends. I am feeling more energized, productive and fulfilled than I ever imagined possible. 
My work with Stuart has been invaluable and has been such a worthwhile investment in me. My only regret is that I didn’t find him earlier. If you’re serious about wanting to make some positive and lasting changes in your life, I can’t recommend Stuart highly enough." 
Kate Donoghue, former NHS psychologist and CBT Clinic owner, Bristol 
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