Meet Stuart.   

“Life is what our thoughts make of it." 
Over 30 years ago I stood outside a hotel in downtown Sydney debating with myself whether to go inside for a personal development seminar. 
Like any life-changing decision, it was really hard to take that next step. The little voice in my head was arguing against it, with illogical fearful reasons why I shouldn’t do the thing I wanted to do. 
This is how the Human Mind works: it holds us back from taking bold, decisive action that can transform our life because it thinks the risk is too great. Better to stay in the comfort zone and put up with the life you’ve got than go into the unknown and suffer some imaginary dreadful fate. 
But when we do find the courage to take the leap, if it’s aligned with our goals and dreams, it works out. 
Going after our biggest goals helps us to grow, and while it inevitably involves some risk, if we dig deep into our heart we find another level and land safely in a brighter future we had dreamed of. 
My faltering first steps into the world of personal development changed my life forever. 
And the first books I read at the recommendation of my first teacher – ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and ‘Psycho Cybernetics’ – were to lead me to my greatest teacher, Bob Proctor, and into a life of teaching personal development to another generation. 
At his seminar in Arizona, I discovered that Bob Proctor, one of the world's leading experts in personal growth, had been reading ‘Think and Grow Rich’ since 1961. That was ‘My Book’. At that moment I made a decision to do what I’d been dreaming of doing for many years. I began studying with Bob and he turned me from student into teacher. 
While a lifelong student of personal development, I used what I learned about mindset and goal-achieving to become an international journalist, covering sports and politics in London and Washington, landing dream assignments to Olympic Games, World Cup football tournaments, FIFA and NATO conferences. 
But what I really wanted to do was to stand on the stages where my mentors had stood and teach the wisdom I had spent half a lifetime absorbing, to inspire and empower others and make their lives better. Which is why I became a Consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute, trained by Bob Proctor. 
Now, as a Personal Development Mentor and Mindset Business Coach, I help entrepreneurs and dreamers change the way they think to improve their performance and results, and to transform their lives. 
Let me help you step into your dreams 
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