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“We become what we think about" 

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Thinking Into Results.  

The Signature Programme from Bob Proctor, distilling a lifetime’s learning from this world-renowned thought leader into a formula for success that shows you how to achieve any goal that’s important to you 
To make significant changes in your life, you must change the way you use your Mind and take conscious control of the thinking patterns that direct your actions, and your results. Thinking Into Results shows you how to use your powerful mental faculties to re-progamme your negative Beliefs, ineffective Habits and debilitating Doubts 
Led by Stuart, you will receive elite-level coaching and mentorship for 24 weeks, to help you learn, stay motivated and get the greatest results and benefits from the programme 
Learn how to: 
Change Patterns in the mind that keep you stuck 
Break through fear that holds you back 
Develop an attitude to take better action with ease 
Create new beliefs that support your biggest dreams 
Design your Self Image to match your greatest goals 
Think creatively from the future so you act powerfully in the present 
Use formulas to achieve any goal you really want 
Replace your flawed Paradigms 
About the course 
A 6 month-long immersive programme with 12 online video lessons from Bob Proctor to change your thinking as you work toward an exciting goal 
Weekly online lesson facilitation and coaching by Stuart on a Zoom video call 
Worksheets to delve into the workings of your mind to reveal your unconscious patterns and habits so you can replace them with more powerful paradigms 
WhatsApp access and laser-coaching calls with Stuart when you need support or have questions 
If you are curious about how Thinking Into Results can help you break through to a new level of success, book a call with Stuart today. Do not let your doubts hold you back any longer. 

Performance Coaching for Possibility.  

Intense coaching for entrepreneurs with big goals with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly accountability coaching to help you move forward with purpose to achieve your goals. 
Most people get stuck in a repetitive cycle of familiar patterns for some part of their life. They struggle to make a breakthrough to the next level of their business or career; stop paying attention to their relationships and health. 
Coaching is designed around your goals and dreams to get you inspired, motivated and in action to achieve extraordinary results by changing the way you think about what’s possible. When challenged, your Mind will tell you it’s not worth the effort, you don’t know how to make it work; you’re not good enough. 
I show you how to ignore the doubts and fears and stay focused on the future you are living into and want to experience. Everyone gets confronted by challenges and struggles with poor thinking patterns. Sometimes it takes a coach to shift your perception and change your focus to get you unstuck and to stay on course. 
- When you get stuck, you have to change the way you think; 
- re-programme your mental patterns and limiting beliefs 
- create new habits, so you can move to a higher level of performance 
If you think Breakthrough Coaching will help you get going, book a call to discuss how I can help!. 

Leadership Workshop for Businesses.  

4 Distinctions for Successful Leaders - a one-day workshop tailored to your needs. One-day workshop overview: 
# 1 
Goals That Inspire with a Purpose 
# 2 
Self Belief and your Hidden Potential 
# 3 
Attitude and Mindset of Effective Leadership 
# 4 
Plan for Action to Break Through Barriers 
This one-day workshop helps attendees: 
Gain new awareness of what’s possible with the right goals 
Uncover and replace unconscious beliefs that hinder progress and success 
Understand qualities of an effective leader and how to establish the right attitude 
Turn knowledge into powerful action, and action into excellent results 
Success is forming new habits of thought and action that lead to improved performance and better results – it starts with understanding your mind. 
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